Friday, November 18, 2016

I Saw

I saw beauty in her towers crumble and fade
and the myriads who danced in the ruins rule.
and day followed subterranean day

when evil was praised unstintingly
and we were counted fools.
I saw the flowering of stars ripped from the page

and from the stage declaimed ,

the lies that foment the midnight soul and roil
with the old distresses parlayed new
and bought and sold

and beauty mute and all her verses

on the floor of the world half buried under no moon at all.
soon may the coral rise around their enterprise
the Floods come through

and swallow up the baiting tongue
the ironclad rule of wanton ecstatic abuse
where children  lose at Forever as if

at marbles on a simple day and this is

called coming of age, the tainted rains,
the cult of the few, superiorly trained.
my God in his rage refurbish us anew

though we are wounded through-

that we may rebuild her towers.
oh Beauty- lost, disconsolate!
amid the decimated hours.

mary angela douglas 18 november 2016