Sunday, December 18, 2016

Even Now

we could wear dresses threaded with starlight
I thought and why shouldn't we
loving the night skies as we did

almost from the cradle
and this is how we would live
dressed in starlight

innocently and breathing in the green
perfumes of the night unseen
and being, only being

like the winds,
in from the sea.
why couldn't we.

why couldn't our steps chime
in unison with the heavenly spheres
and we  be dancing

tulle draped, meditative years
posed for a moment as in
vintage photographs of the ballet

where the air surrounding
seems filled with snows invisible.
pinning the rose adagios to the wall

of our favorites and thinking always
in terms of the dance.
giving a backward glance to it

even without these things coming to pass
I am so glad I dreamed of them then.
thinking that I would live like the wind

and thinking beyond
what would have to be endured
that even now

this is still possible.

mary angela douglas 18 december 2016