Thursday, December 01, 2016

On The Day After Kingdom Come

(a poem on my Mama's birthday, (Mary Adalyn Young-Douglas, still remembered)

on the day after Heaven opens
perhaps the sun will rise
unshuttered  like a rose so that

birds in their flight are cast
in a light never before seen or imagined
and children on stand by

get the day off from school
and go to the fair of all Fairs
and entwined with the Maypole

ribbons, their slippers petal coloured
dance in the dewy grasses
or in ballerina leaps 

we will succeed in crossing the creeks
as the legendary did in the floods
and there will be candy all around

ice cream to spare from the cherry freezers
dispensed on the porches of gladness
and lemonade passed down in the

surprafosted glasses of time recovered
cool as the bubbling springs and
Mothers in aprons of gold

in new dresses like Spring

will wipe new tears from the babies eyes
over enchanted with all the fairy tales
spilling out at once

and our hearts beating like drums
at the parade of the innocent
at the Kingdom come

set free.

mary angela douglas 1 december 2016