Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Problem You Can Solve For Yourself

the problem you can solve for yourself
while looking out the window
at the trees in Spring

should be somewhere near.
but I misplaced it, you insist, oh dear,
emptying your pockets year after year

for all to see
in the dream that keeps revolving regularly
the problem you can solve

in your sleep
the last element in the periodic chart
or the signification of Art

to you in a glass bound kingdom
lost in the snow globe snows
and wondering what is next

and why are the tiny houses
on the periphery,
each one latched

against a darkness

that cannot come
instead of welcoming you home?
somewhere out there

is the problem worked out

to perfection
its crenellated towers
of course

because you always wanted to free
that word from its Sentence
you always wanted to solve it

all if only they would let you use
the coloured chalks to do it.

mary angela douglas 20 december 2016