Saturday, January 21, 2017

Reading The First Chapter

reading the first chapter of the words they left behind
a stillness settled over all the castle
and they slept...

and silver was their sleep, entwined with gold
set with all the jewels of what was before them then
before the spell...

and you were in the garden then
near the new roses
and far from foretelling,

under a flushed sky

with the new moon lingering by
and you wondered, how can the sky
be pink and silver too

and the cooling breezes came
the diamond slates with the little ruby pencils
you will write your fate there

in barely legible letters widely formed
the birthday wishes of the fairies...
and this was the curve of the song

so interrupted
the underside of the leaves
you held to the light

like a favorite plaything
and the long low everafter overnight
before the bells ceased ringing.

mary angela douglas 21 january 2017