Saturday, January 14, 2017

What Could We Carry In Our Hands

what could we carry in our hands
of all that gold
so we did carefully as we were told by the

fairy charge d'affaires

and carried in our minds an infinite store
of all the rare thrice wrapped in invisible brocades, 
or dug with a sapphire spade

and with footfall of ruby,
whispered command
contrived at a hidden shore.

and the apple spray and the little door
in the winter wood
we fastened shut.

long through snows piled each on each
we supped on the treasure
within our reach

and cherry rich,
we lived galore
and carried on

as if we were poor
and laughed inside
when silver the moonlight

spilled on the floor
in plain view of the inspectors.

mary angela douglas 14 january 2017