Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Storybook Of The Day Before

the storybook of the day before
came in strange wrcappings
through a slit in the door

the storybook of the day before.
if I told you the endings, would you believe it,
could you believe it

conceive of a green that hasn't yet blossomed,
a rose coloured ring,
the wave on the shore and a something more

in the air, is it Christmas? the windfall

of sunning gold pears disturbed by a wind
that isn't there
in the game of let's pretend.

but it's you
that's biting into them my friend
chilled as the moon and with your spoon

you're digging into... but I won't go farther
than I'm allowed while wearing pastels
in an ice cream crowd

into the wood where the birds speak aloud

and the villagers merely sing
and the fairies bring you everything
mixed into a cordial the colour of cherries

that afterwards you may be always merry
and these are the hints going out the door
I'm sorry if you were hoping for more

from the storybook
of the day before...

mary angela douglas 19 february 2017