Monday, February 27, 2017

To All The Children Who Wanted To Be King Or Queen

to all the children who wanted to be king or queen
of the classroom, dayroom dramas
of their dreams in apple green sour or mauve or anything

to thee I bring these cowslip broidered poems
where you are free to be crowned with
gummy stars, dimestore gems and the

last of the aluminum foil from the
kitchen cabinet or you are home sick
and the thought of candle wick costumes

conjured at halloween occurs
and so you practice being princess, earl,
all the day ringing the small bell

at bedside anyway for more soup please
and gingerale and tell me please just
one more fairy tale or let me breathe

once upon instead the pine scented winds
at lane's end or feel brocaded longings
stir for the outdoors autumn perfumed

tromping back again to
school and learning the golden rule
and knowing we're king and queen

of everything already when we just
so apple checked off the roll call list
sing out "present", presentful of whims.

mary angela douglas 27 february 2017