Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Diagramming The Sentence Or, The Sentence Commuted

the first tyranny imposed is that, you know,
you will no longer be the subject of your own sentence.
at worst you will be the verb and serve, o underserved

at the pleasure of someone else's noun, pronoun.
oh yes. at best the adjective
for something near at hand:

on their land.
and you will write on the nightmare blackboard
ten times ten thousand times

I'm somebody else's rhyme
and I must make do
with their old shoes, their superior mind

for knowing what it is that I should BE
to deserve to continue to receive the castoffs they
no longer need and oh, God, not to impede

their reasons to feel good about
what they no longer want
on any given day.

for giving it away
they will be given the great awards
at the very fine banquets raised
to keep you in tin cans.

but you are majestic catching as catch can
extraordinary as. the subject of His wakefulness:
in God's resplendent hand.

mary angela douglas march 29 2017