Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Diamond Wind and Where It Has Gone

God lets his diamond face shine through
those pinpricks in the sky we call the stars
her mother sighed or maybe it was the wind

through the night curtains
in the way back when of all whens
taken into account.

rummaging in the dresser drawers
we found the rhinestone tiara
while the grandmother slept music

and we learned the stories of the glass mountains
the golden apples rolling down again
and the knights disfigured making the

attempt no more so that old candles wept their wax
into the cornices of the moon.
and I have gathered the lilacs and the lilac blues

and the pinks wept the princess
and angels harvested her tears
and this went on for years

in ink understood and bound with ribbons
of the letters reserved and not sent back
we found in the attic of the stars

and behind God's diamond face...
in the beginning of sorrows.

mary angela douglas 16 march 2017