Monday, April 10, 2017

How Should The Sand In The Oyster On Dislay

how should the sand in the oyster on display
garner the rainbows and the pearl intaglios

should the orange cream dripping of the sun
down the kindergarten page not be

the brushtrokes of the moon
on velvet waters
I have seen the gladioli recitals

shine the dress circle carnations won
entwined with little rosebuds
and the petticoats layered

and this is dancing said the little ones
litlte ladies in their gloves
cast out adrift

later on later on
who will depress the pedal in the right measure
in the precise measures of beauty

the piano is sold the silver the onyx ring
with its one diamond star
is far afield

and the National Geographics garish with Coke ads
the cola spilled the glass rings on the coffee table
none to scold

I am old
I have looked in the glass
at last I have seen the end

of old familiar things
the antiques sent into space
and Grace has fled

ah no the Christmas angels said
you have the stars

mary angela douglas 10 april 2017