Wednesday, April 26, 2017


are we going backwards
something softly chimed
chiding my shadows

in late afternoon
and it's like a story book
read upside down when you were new

and all you saw was the pictures.
and you hear the bells of the ice cream trucks
but they do not turn

down your lost leafless lanes
do we sit in a chair and dream then
o what a shame

or ride the unicycle down
the exceptional memory trails
oh we are going backwards

day by day
rereading the parts that we forgot
only because 

we loved them so
and apple pie currying favor
with the snows the Christmas glints

and glimmers heaven sent
and wearing the crown invisible at will-
of the princess in her doom

consigned to keeping geese
retaining still
the cherry cobbler refinements

unbrokenly the rainbow gauze
overleaf of the seamless views receding
farther and farther nearer and nearer

oh we pray

mary angela douglas 26 april 2017