Friday, April 07, 2017

Strawberry Quartz, Home For A Day

oh mama come back I just found out today
there's a stone called strawberry quartz
and we'll eat strawberries and cream to celebrate

or watch the creeks turn the colour of moonstone
listen to the creak of the green porch swing in the breeze
or stay inside and read

old magazines, chivalric novels

while the rains pour
into the gardens we could have owned
if flowers could be.

flowers could be this instant
floating down like their own parachutes
from the mimosa trees in the front yard

and we too without trying too hard
could be dressed in similar pinks and greens
admiring the strawberry quartz mise en scene

or cutting out valentine schemes with pearlized scissors
from left over construction paper of a rose rose red,
paper lace doilies.

I have said
a lot in the intervening years.
just for your seashell ears

and questions too semi sparkling
I've saved up...with the bone china
and vending machine cakes, delectable!

just for this afternoon

for instance, I'd like to know
if it's not too soon,

is Heaven built with semi precious stones
on lesser avenues?
here's strawberry quartz for you.

take it back in your transparent pockets

and dessert too.
I'll go to the store
for pink divinity...

the courts of Heaven will wait for you.

mary angela douglas april 7 2017