Sunday, April 02, 2017

We Are All the Petals To Come

the instant will come, and has it already
said the child in blue tugging at my skirt
when no one will withstand the tide of Beauty

flower falling upon flower out of  the skies
of the tree boughs arching high
where we walk slowly, you and I entranced

let the children climb and live among the bowers

of the flowers, amid the pink and peach
the pearl and the plum, violet violet
let the children run fresh petaled

then will the ships come home
and the seas churn violets themselves
mirroring the skies

where cloud flowers mirror the earth
and the angels sigh
that we speak in flowers

there being no dearth of poetry

each word a flower, a bud, and trellising forever
and this is the flower world
and all the aprils and the mays together

and the wedding of the world
the banquet savored
the pink and gold cakes and the festooned

and oh said the child in blue

all the pastel moons through the trees
all once upon!

mary angela douglas 2 april 2017