Friday, May 19, 2017

One Dream Day And Counting Backwards Mirror Writing Wise

you'd think it would be easy to retrace
the misstep that took you there
but somehow in dream logic

this would never occur to you
as a thing to do
so the only hope is

to suddenly wake up
startled by the cat
or something like that

a singing telegram or two
or something falling off a ledge
I pray it isn't you

here comes the Red Queen
make that two reflected in the
dream puddles now it's starting

to rain and every drop
holds another Red Queen
but you don't dream scream

with nothing coming out
because you're Alice
dressed in blue

and there's nothing left to do
but say
you're nothing but a card game

card game everyone and that's the cue
for the Kitty knowing what to do
upset the figurine

and it's gone to smithereens
and so would you
if you'd had to stay

in Wonderland for more
than just one dream day.

mary angela douglas 19 may 2017