Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Documentary On Snow

inside the lattices melt and the inland children
float on a sugarplum floe outside the spun glass, sugar spun windows
of the past

it's made of wonders you murmur to

yourself at last within the green and glading winds
though it is so cold
so cold, echo the auroras, the Orion Nebulae

dearly beloved and frozen to the bone

of the snowless worlds
I will go from these white orchards
and the lattice of moonlight turns

from you holding white gardenias in the photogenic gardens
as if you were made of snow

and the white sails lift on the wind
and the night skies shiver and say to you
when-when will you

pearl entranced remember the Milky Way

and I'm lost in the blizzards on the ground
you say to anyone around
but no one is but God glistening

outside the porticos of the known world
I am unknown

I will go from these white orchards
into the mirrors where the blossoms blow
and it is sweater weather call the Grandmothers

from heaven
but the children cannot hear them.

mary angela douglas 7 may 2017