Thursday, June 29, 2017

Paddington's Bond

[on the recent passing of Mr. Michael Bond
beloved creator of the Paddington Bear stories...]

may stuffed bears everywhere fly
their teary flags at fuzzy half mast
because a certain Michael Bond

has passed
who brought us brought us
Paddington Bear...

May children everywhere
pause or paws and eat marmalade sandwiches
a trifle wistfully because because

he is gone, the chronicler of Paddington.
what will we do for Christmas pantomimes
for repair jobs gone awry

and kitchen mistakes 
now that he no longer clatters the plates
to let us know old Paddington's around.

And Paddington weeps on the ground
oh we hate to see him so
bereft almost inconsolable except he knows

there will certainly be
a Paddington Station in heaven
for you and me

where old stories are new again.
and friends of bears and bears of friends
can play again the Let's Pretends

knowing, with joy it can never end

mary angela douglas 29 june 2017