Sunday, July 23, 2017

Autograph Books

in sepia flourishes they wrote
remembrances in the antique albums
but once the pages crackled fresh

in their appointed hour

and present trees cast shadows
in the May afternoons of

their inscriptions

I will remember you
in flowers of blue

forget me nots

in old stickers with the clasped hands prayer
unspoken love

the posies rendered

and the doves brand new.

is it true they lived once
to breathe upon the page

and they were young and laughed

and dazzled by their prospects.
all of us coming after

will not understand

we tread only on their stage.
from age to age

in the same graduation whites

resplendent in the auditoriums
we take our place

until the petals fall and fade

and we are inscribed then

Eternity's latest.

mary angela douglas 23 july 2017