Saturday, July 08, 2017


[to my sister concerning the social worked, church endorsed, school approved, court ordered removal of us from our grandparents home on June 28, 1968 for the space of one year despite our pleas to the contrary]

[and to my beloved grandparents who raised us and deserved only honor for it: Milton B. and Lucy W. Young...]

lost as we were then in the Marian year
the delphinium blue of it the honeyed nimbus
of our tears so fruitlessly deployed

in going away
the backyard zinnias waving us on;
dismissed we were then from school and golden rules

and lost as the dreamer is in sudden interruptions
of a dream and unforseen
the lightning strikes the tree

and grandmother weeps on the lawn
and we are gone
and linger there beyond her reach

in chaplets of lace
now I know it was no grace

that reft us from home
and that the soul has heart break too
when riven in two

and the summer flowers in the afternoon
will never ever come to bloom
the way they could have then

had we not been forced from our door
from those we loved who loved us more
beyond the realms of two, minus two.

mary angela douglas 8 july 2017