Saturday, July 29, 2017

Someone Steps Out From The Cottage

in fairy, folk tales it often happens
someone steps out from the cottage
on a sunny day

it's the first page usually
and there they are
in a cerise cloak

fastened with a cameo brooch
have you got enough bread and butter to last
I call out as they lift the latch

like my own Grandmother.
a scoupon of jam, raspberry is best
and all the neighbors' good wishes?

you've left the dishes but never mind.
go have a good time.
be back at twelve.
and don't fall down the wishing well;
don't do somersaults on the quay.

and there they go.
on page three it begins to snow
and deeper and denser

in the woods
they think and I think too
of all the should haves

and the Parker dinner rolls
that are gone by now.
the winds are howling.

oh wish upons I wish
you'd stayed at home
I say but they can't hear me

and you should have taken your muffler,
the heavy one
grumble I, from the margins

and about the time
they're sodden through and through
the good fairy comes along

(well, wouldn't you)
but isn't the timing odd
and gets them out of it.
thank God.

mary angela douglas 29 july 2017