Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Through The Stick Trees A Foil Moon Is Shining

through the stick trees a foil moon is shining
through the stick trees in a child's drawing
the child is rising and falling

in the snow of dreams
in the snow of dreams through the stick trees
the foil moon grows larger shining

a larger shining is dreams
where the child rises and falls
through the thick snows 

the thick snows careening through
a universe of sighs
an ocean of wonder whys

where the lavender ships have gone down
so that the town of childhood does not 
know this yet

so that the glass bells are not
yet pealing, the glazed bells,
the once that slipped from our hands.

with their cargo of fresh lavender,
where will flowers be found
when we no longer carry our bouquets

and the town of childhood
cannot be found
if the flowers are lost at sea

and Spring cannot reach me
cries the winter child
in drreams and

where the foil moon weeps:
"will it disappear?"

mary angela douglas 12 july 2017