Tuesday, October 08, 2013

A Brief History Of Your Apricot Shuttered Light

[to all those torn from their home for any reason
 (and to the Living God) ]

always we were losing home
even when settled by the rivers of Your light
from the beginning blown
farther than far could ever be

when measured by the measurers.
but something soothes us, somewhere,
greenery of the greenest glade

and gladness bubbles like a
well-fed spring within though we're still
starving for what might have been

and in the open air despised
(it may be)
by those with solid houses.
in this world there is another world

and another and another:
nesting dolls in the mind of the mind.
each castle jeweled excessively

each one, in turn revealed, successively
and brighter and brighter diamond follows
pearl and so we are not lost though hurled

and stricken from doorstep to festive doorstep.

though they have taken everything but their
scorn from us who know, who feel-
beyond these bartered histories
and the unknown graveyards of the angel children,

the beggared years of our magnificat sustain:
oh, how unassailable remain
and cherishing-
the apricot rivers of Your light

mary angela douglas 8 october 2013