Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Dear God In A Rentless Corner Of Your Sigh

dear God in a rentless corner of Your sigh
let me lie down to sleep
the wind is passing by the diamond wind

relentless, beautiful, on the way

as all must be
or I'm at the magic spring now gazing in:

all my reflections wavering
and lifted farther on.

I dredge the rainbows

when dreaming's caught in the brambles;
where else would I be

likely to find You, Voyager-
lit on a path by light diffused through clouds,
how can I cry aloud when you're this near

though sheriffs come to summon me
for breathing too much coming down the slide.

year on tempered year

I glide in your adorning.
now I'm skipping all auditions prayerfully
and will not hear the knock on the door

from the ticked-off tick tockers
so file it away with the file that says

Your shimmering shone too long in me:

My God; who can indict You?
when the wind is passing by, the diamond wind

I'm gulping silver freedom down again!

mary angela douglas 8 october 2013