Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Again On Dry Land We Praise You Lord

even in the dragon's mouth oh Lord you sang to us
we don't know how we slept
and sometimes even dreamed

only to wake continually to the

nightmare of the everyday

in a grey mist and overcast

your silken moons appeared
so suddenly through the leaves

your fierce embroideries and
we were led through silver we were led
not feeling our footsteps, feathery on cold ground

sometimes so far from harm as to forget

the difference between dream and dream
in the before and after of it all

so each fresh wilderness dismayed;
then cog-caught were the stars
and labyrinthed,  bound as in a book

whose pages you kept turning
hastening the end we could not see
where the tide turns back again-

leaving again the space to live

mary angela douglas 9 october 2013;revised 18 october 2013