Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shutdown, The Stars Have Scattered Before The Devastated

["the earth is the Lord's; and the fullness thereof..."
-The Psalms]

the angels at the entrance did not speak
but gestured toward the sky, the earth, the sea
and formed snow-words that crusted everywhere

till we are under glass
as in a museum; artifacts at last.
and blue and green and gold, a crime scene.
leaves of flame half-quenched drift over the barriers 
not knowing the rules yet.
the angels at the entrance did not speak.
how could they?
the Soul was closed.not even for repairs
but damaged more than

the emblems desecrated ever could be
on a day when we are mere tourists
turned away from the land under our feet.

my heart under glass
we are locked  down
and wistful at windows where the Bell has
cracked again from these bizarre sorrows.
look down oh Christmases dispersed
oh Magi fading fast

in the grey grand gloom I will gather you
breaking no one's promises
I storm and am not seen the barricades in plain view
of the weeping ghosts of those who gave their lives

mary angela douglas 10 October 2013;revised 18 october 2013