Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gold Meshed Bags Held The Chocolate Money

[to my stick-horse, Trilby, the ruby-eyed]

gold meshed bags held the chocolate money;

at parties the pirate chest was filled with them
(a centerpiece for the bride-doll feted)-
small cookies with ruby jam and shaped like stars.

must  I imagine everything for the dolls,

including the tea set?
never mind said the shadows of stick horses

appliqued with ruby sequined bridles;

anyway, magically, they're  faster than National Velvet
down the Milky Way.
I should know.  I trained them at recess

I'll bring in gold mesh bags our provender

for a day and a tangelo sun and the
fairy princess sings rhe rose lights into the
sky when everything is still
and no one's looking...

I know you don't believe this;

but, I will

mary angela douglas 24 october 2013