Sunday, October 27, 2013

In A Swan Boat While Plum Blossoms Fall

in a swan boat
on a children's pond
I saw the flowers falling.

they were like stars.
petals of plum white
scattered like the heart

of all fragrance
they are landing on me
it means I am queen of the flowers
maybe it feels that way

and Grandfather is on shore.
while I, in a swan boat,
such a small I, am
drifting on childhood's waters

as in the dark green mirror
underneath it all the
rippling raindrops fall
and can I catch their silver

if I try I try to wonder but
I don't know why
in a swan boat I am drifting farther out

and Grandfather waves to me-
I am drifting farther out
then if I were at sea...

mary angela douglas 27 October 2013