Thursday, November 07, 2013

Poem For Those Offended By Public Prayer Or Why Don't We Ask God If He's Offended

should you open the King's mail if you are not the King?
yet, if you do, and it bothers you
could that be your own dear fault?
Isn't prayer addressed to God?
It's His to like or not like.
It's not your conversation so keep your
mood on an even keel.

why don't you?

it doesn't matter how you feel.
or if you get offended.
it's not your gift to open when it's
not your birthday.

stop eavesdropping

and be happy.

mary angela douglas 7 november 2013

P.S. Shouldn't freedom of speech include the freedom to speak to God in public especially when all you are asking Him is for the public good? 

The worst that can happen (if He doesn't exist) is nothing

Dear Reader, not that I am saying that, if nothing seems to happen when you pray, this proves there is no God.  I know in my heart there is God.  There is Christ.  I have been helped too many times in life when there was no human help for me not to know that

He is real.  Take heart, whoever you are reading this.  And talk to him if it is in your heart to do so.  He really will hear you.  And He really is there.

God Bless you.  M. D.

P.P.S. Looking at this poem some months later I remember how much I wanted to use this analogy.  Now I see it has a very wide drive a truck through it hole in it.  Probably the King had someone to read his mail for him (at least the kings on earth, the kings of history).  At least the incoming mail.  The outgoing mail had to stamped with the King's own seal so it couldn't be tampered with generally, unless someone stole the seal and not being a very comprehensive student of history I do not know.  All in all this was a horrible analogy to use as it doesn't fit with life on earth.

So I will just add here I am referring to some obscure fairy tale that hasn't come to light yet where the King, in fact, always commanded that he be the first to open his mail (break the seal, I guess that's how it was done way back when).