Thursday, November 07, 2013

Angel, Tin Drum, How Far We Have Come

angel, tin drum, how far we have come
from the ornaments stored in the attic.
let us make necklaces from the stars

for the Tree-

that they may cry out when we are older:
remember your former cranberry gladness

and the angel abra's whirl
and the golden sesame of your dreams:
the Nutcracker King in the kingdom of rats victorious:

at last, surrounded by sweets-  and dressed in pink, green or yellow, the
dollies, fuller than full of Turkey-pretend, their perfect

petticoats' satin eyelet matching
of the multicoloured twinkling of
your heart after school whole weeks before

and afterwards, our candy-cane 
school dismissal parties, one or two
cookies trapped under colored sugar

they won't get away
when angels ring from the
tinsel temporary rafters-

the rose red crepe paper bells:
declaring, little homework, now
for two holly and the ivy

gift-wrapped weeks!
angel, tin drum.
do not depart from me later on

when it's always January
and no one believes me but God
and snow is slush and no thing

whatsoever is glaced
on my cafeteria tray.
how I should miss you,

if you raveled!
I will hide you in my pocket
lined with red and green 

in the cherry cough drop New Year
while the lessons drone on:
you're a glimmering thread

held onto tight when the Tree's
at the curb; right
down to the fantastic Holiday

taffeta sheen and crackling of my Soul-
my green velveteen flats...
I know:

this is not the end of that.
and blindingly festive, perpetually
we will adore o, ballet dance and sing 

my angel, my tin drum
pa rum pa pum pum...

Our King

mary angela douglas 18 november 2013