Thursday, November 07, 2013

Shekinah How I Do Regret The Side-Stepped Glory Of Your Galaxies

how could we live that way at all:
leaving You out of the picture.
here's the picture frame but

somewhere on the wall right next to it is
a soft glory, a soft glory
we don't even claim because
it doesn't even register.

and it doesn't even leave a shadow
on our harm.

how could we live
not knowing You were

that soft glory always out of focus, somehow
always left out of the Family album the
family Christmas card: that soft glory weeping

we were still in vain
where we could not hear you;

dreaming we could feel but we could not

being blind to You shining  
on the walls we only dreamed

we built when we were far

mary angela douglas 7 november 2013