Monday, January 20, 2014

A Letter Arrives In The Kingdom Of Nasturtiums

Dear Mama,
I wish I could have written this before:

let's go to the Kingdom of Nasturtiums

where it's always pure orange, pure violet.
and a pink so tinged with blue it makes you
want to cry it is so beautiful

exactly as it appears on the Burpee seed packets in the kitchen drawer,
dear Mama.

we will have no rent.
and feast on strawberries and cream just
like English nursery rhymes.
and I'll have lemon curd for tea or lime

which do you prefer?

there will be no institutions there
no watchdogs of your fragile mind
masquerading as friends

who complain that they're too footsore now
from being out all day to fetch the less than glitzy Christmas decorations for the steel grey decor they keep you in.

your soul like an orchid shone..
in Heaven I expect it to be different.
no spindle pricks at all
no kingdom of sleep brave, brave princess

awake, awake in the Kingdom of Nasturtiums
God is the flower gardener and
there are no walls

mary angela douglas 20 january 2014