Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Under A Pink And Blue Sky

under a pink and blue sky
babies in their cribs awake and cry
longing to be dressed in pink and blue
immediately; the

older children on their way to school
miles from the Fair grow wistful
for cotton candy, wax-paper packed in a lunchbox

by the gherkins and the fruit salad, crammed in
near the meatloaf sandwich on an onion roll:
pure tasty pink and blue spun out of nothing

although they know
it isn't summer anymore.

the baker in the town square
halts amid the jonquil icing batches
unprepared for the flood of calls
for pink and blue frosted cakes
stacked end to end and will they
reach the moon or 

the Princess counting her gowns in a half-baked dream
who throws the whole lot out starting over
in pink and blue chintz that's satinly ordered up
on the pink princess phone this

very sheer pink and blue minute: veiled illusion, tulle-
bring swatches of pasteled chalks as seen from space;
the astronauts gaze befuddled from the capsule at

an earth redecorated pink and blue and ask themselves
will the sea rise soon in 50 metre waves or more
dousing the aurora

in ribbons of pink and blue moire?

not daring to ask Houston.
and will you remember suddenly struck
by candy coloured lightning through and through
everything you thought you knew
for the final examination
oh! but you'd forgotten

pink and blue
you realized later
thinking things through
making do with an A-

mary angela douglas 22 january 2014