Friday, February 14, 2014

A Cream-Coloured Sigh From God And...

a cream coloured sigh from God and
it began to snow.
oh my white valentine unscrolling
the only one

from pole to pole
yet just for me it's hushed its filmy
twirling in space, ballerina like
with the redolence of heavenly lace
vanished into the ballet blanc

and the chill parfait of a sky layered
pink and violet, light blue
a lemon curd yellow striped between
won't you stay for tea

I'll unwrap the Little Debbie cakes
frosted white (inside they're pink)
I was going to buy but I bought Tennyson
instead on abe books...the Complete Poetical
Works of...

now sleeps the crimson heart in a white
petaled border we'll have
snow cream instead
there's so much of it everywhere

mary angela douglas 14 february 2014