Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pale Pink Camellia Addressing The Soul Of Dumas

to Alexandre Dumas, asleep over the manuscript of The Lady of the Camellias...

why of all flowers was I chosen for tragedy.
did I linger near your childhood
did your mama pick huge bouquets of me

or did you in a looking glass moment
overcast, decide against the rose:
too often used in allegory,
against the iris, too remote

God knows you couldn't pick a weed,
wild flowers are best, they really care less
what poet weaves them in and out of
the song or the chorus, only.
they're so folkloric.

thank God for pete seeger kindly
choosing the generic.
Dear Monsieur, your heroine was great.
I am a waxen pale pink flower in distress.

where is my story?

mary angela douglas 13 february 2014