Monday, February 10, 2014

Blue Starred In The Blue Grass Spring Lullay

[to e.e. cummings]

blue-starred in the blue grass
bell floating are the flowers
in the land of before not after

blue starred is the laughter
of the small clouds above the

violet strewn and is the moss
beside all else in green velveteens
right up to the small oak door
of the fairy queen invisible?
so it seems in

the blue starred in the blue grass
in the cream of the day frothing over
the rim the deep blue rim
of the before not after

of the wafting of the white rosed
in the bubbling of forever just
starting to be

a little blue starred (sleepy, aren't you)
in the blue grass almost
tumbling over into april
that can't exactly walk yet

floating with little stars and dreams
toppling over into the
pink mysterious

mary angela douglas 11 february 2014