Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Goodbye, Shirley Temple In The Lollipop Ship Absconding

goodbye, Shirley Temple, in the lollipop ship absconding
(it may be) with the last elusive charms of childhood
oh goodbye I remember you best

grown up and hostess of the Fairy Tale Theatre
in gold and pink frothy gowns delineating
"this magic space" before my 8 year old eyes

(they had to be pink: I decoded the black and white)
the diplomat of faerie and
your storybook with its border of roses, birds,

and crowns on pages I lived in like a
secret house within a house. 
or in Heidi, happy at home with the Grandfather

singing and making your bed of straw already
golden, no need for spinning then.
or in sweet replica, my sister's doll in pink and blue organza

I threw one day in a fit and then repented
I was so untrue but true again God heard
me say: I love my sister truly and we

were colouring again the day in which
our living room tv zebra striped and then
working again would show (and we'd drop

Little Miss Marker, Now and Forever
forever, honour bright and later Bluebird bright,
many years after you acted your heart out

missing the ruby slippers by a mile
but stalwart.
what is art but the blending of lollipop colours

seen through the long ago at best? goodbye, Shirley
Temple, be at rest

amid many flowers
and my small bouquet

mary angela douglas 11 february 2014