Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Let Us Review The Hidden Things In The Picture

oh let us review the things hidden in the picture:
can you find them? the things that don't fit.
the oranges on the pear trees

the blue rains slanting upside down
upturning the parasols as if they were flowers.

little houses with no doors in the foreground
the gnomes standing out there in the rain
with no raincoats. missing the jampots.

foam on the underside of the sea and so much
farther down than on the ink stained maps.
your Grandmother's old jewelry in the hold

of the ships beyond recall:

oh lost and milky jade oh the soft rose golds..the tiny clasp on the
necklace of the mustard seed.
 the pale trees snows;

the faith that you knew then with

its bridal white of the green grass verses underscored:
gold edged on India ink paper delicate as Heaven
must be:

the sad moon's steps all sloed in the middle of the day  and 
the hour when I don't have to say

the reasons I believe.

mary angela douglas 13 january 2015