Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winged Music Starts Awake In A Clouded Chamber

winged music starts awake in a clouded chamber
at the turning of the rose stair in a dream
we came to life or wished we could and

soared over woods like the clouds we were
when we were small
and all the skies seemed chalk pink

scrawled on His translucent blues
and you wore your new patent shoes
and it wasn't even Sunday!

winged music stayed at home and hid
beneath the polished piano lid
you polished yourself on Saturdays

and then went out to play.
and whether the leaves were falling down
like London bridge without a sound

and whether the sheen of snowfall on the way
caught at your heart 100 x a day
it could never be enough

the music played.

mary angela douglas 13 january 2015