Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Cherry Coloured Clouds My Drifted Snows

my cherry coloured clouds my drifted snows
so merrily she summed up all her sums
while we traced leaves on coloured paper

unwrapped chocolates wrapped in gold
in season and out of the orange cream suns
the very ones the berried ones we wove we were

in the loom-ed shade and lemonade bright as brimming 
ever made was ours to quaff where  creeks behind
mysterious houses diamonded we played

or cooked on the cookless stove the pink desserts
for anyone who'd come.
and it's so lavish sighed the Princess with her

orchid shoes to match...and gracious
at the wedding of the dolls.
how can they say what we had dreamed

and thought, was lost!

marveled the poets while cloudy in the blue marbles
 the sidewalk singing grew and this is only
one of all

the jack-starred songs we knew
when braiding the clovered summers of
our favorite afternoons

while the crumbed honey crystallized
in the icebox...

mary angela douglas 13 january 2015