Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Want A Hat With Maypole Ribbons Round It Streaming

I want a hat with maypole ribbons round it, streaming!
she explained or tried to in the little hat shoppe
in the forgotten lane

with the graceful sign that read: "hats, custom made"

a few pink roses dripping over the sides
if possible as if for a bride
a little veiling would you like that

diamond dusted? queried the shop girl
(people queried back then)
the lady looked askance 

(they looked askance back then as well)

oh, who can tell in this light.
(it was a trifle dim, some would say,

some bluebirds might be nice,
perched in the lilacs, on the brim
a choir of angels and

a golden spire.
will that be all?
the clerk inquired

(praying it would be so)
oh yes, sighed the lady
in the cherry bright dress

with the ivory ruching...

little silver-buttoned boots...

mary angela douglas 12 february 2015