Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Made-Up Story About The Candy Box

her paper folded ships in fiesta colours dropped off the 
candy box map
and now who will tell her where to find

the chocolates with the raspberry centers?

she's terrible at guessing when they pass

the candy box round and shuts her eyes before
choosing as if that could cast a spell

and turn them all to raspberry.

we fear the buttercream equator's melting

the sweet meridians turning to taffy
don't eat them all before supper said

the Grandmother in the dream and smiled

and we walked on down the candy lanes awhile
this was one of the better dreams we all agreed

and not at all like real life when you forgot you

put your candy bar in a sundress pocket when
you went out to play and it melted and then

you were scolded and ate plain bread and butter

with sugar sprinkled on it since under no circumstances
in our home was there ever no dessert.

mary angela douglas 12 february 2015