Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Beautiful Dresses

they could be lilac with a pale green sash
with full skirts that swish , small capped sleeves
or pale pink, sugared with rosebuds embroidered

on the bodice, ribbon of satin, whisper of lace;
Easter easter blue, polished cotton oh brand new
and petticoats of eyelet snow

and slippers of strange pearl and you want to whirl
and whirl, you can't help yourself.
so thought a little girl at a Saturday window

in deep reverie.

these are the dresses I'll where everywhere
when I'm grown.
and who and what and how

who knows but I won't forget sheer
dresses of lawn, too, and branching taffetas of

cherry; the frothy gown of Cinderella
threaded in gold and with the moon the moon
caught shimmering through vast panels of cristal

or ballet tulle, pastels, depending on your mood
coasting over the difficult
or the arco irised she said in small Spanish

coinage of the vivid.

with jewels that do not match
because they don't have to!
they're sparkling!

she laughed only a slight ruffle
a dress like a valentine or old posies

in an album.
later on

much later.
she dreamed beyond
the boxy little jackets

when what you need is christmas velveteen
with tiny rhinestone buttons
not all this

dressed for success.
the job fairs giving the illusion
of carnival, merriment and all the rest:

still all all you want
is a beautiful dress.
cathedral bright

of lilies, of lilies
pale happiness.

mary angela douglas 4 march 2015