Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Jellybean Poems In A Jar Of Summer Glistened

jellybean poems in a jar of summer glistened.
we scoop them by handfuls and never one by one
splurging on flavors under a strawberry sun

with whipped cream clouds
I added pinkly waiting for summer paperbacks
to come: ordered six weeks ago.

they're here! brown paper wrapped but not for long.
the dog barks by the embroidered divan intuiting fun:
a candyland of summer reading; screen doors shielding, sodas

creaming, deeper lemon shadows on the kitchen walls are dreaming:
banana splits with Hershey's syrup surfeited; fireworks on the lawn;
linen dresses on Sundays, or seersucker striped in pastel hues;

piano pieces in the cool cool house of the cut gardenias...
barefoot dancing down the hall.
when we were small.

mary angela douglas 3 march 2015,14 april 2015