Saturday, February 20, 2016

To One Who Considers Leaving Earth Too Early

on the day you feel like going away too early,
I hope it comes to mind that certain clouds
still need you to be here or else (I fear),

they will weep themselves into the sea.
and birds will scatter aimlessly;
lost without your particular

tree of dreams,
the one they are used to;
the secret one of gold.

reconsider colours,
without you to grow old;
at least, your childhood

favorites on a summer's garden wall

through a raindrop prism
will tremble in their bands
and the rings of planets

seize up in a cold
no scientist foretold.
and certain ships so laden

with the wishes just for you
that have come due-
oh now that you have done this

wanting nothing left to rue-

will never reach land.

mary angela douglas 20 february 2016