Thursday, February 18, 2016

We're Still Good

your mislaid backstory
when you tried the wrong door
oh that's not it you said

embarrassed in a dream.
that's hardly fair.
in dreams, shouldn't things

go right
to make up for real life?
we argued this.

implausible to be bored
with this subject:
dreams vs. non dreams.

is waking really sleeping
or is it  turned inside out
for a good long while

with a view of endless rains.
ah, for all your pains.

but blossoms will come
for you to arrange.
and I remember still

the pennies you picked up from the road
shone more than gold.

I said.
it doesn't matter.
any of it. anymore.

we're still good for
making up stories.

mary angela douglas 18 february 2016