Saturday, March 05, 2016

An Angel Will Come

[for the angelic music of Judee Sill]

you who strike cold tambourines
whenever the numbers add up right
maybe the clouds will wipe

the sleep from your eyes
an angel will come
and demolish the sum

unsmiling in the limelight for
you who believe success succeeds
no matter how hearts bleed

no matter what fades

what do you have to say
if it all flows away
and who are you then. 

standing outside on the porch
of the winds are you a friend
when someone sends you

to the other side of
the tracks running through your dreams
where no trains hum

threading a different seam

and the ticket collectors rust
and nothing can be done
and they won't know what you mean

when there's no race to be won

then you'll come home
when the helicopter leaves curl down
without a sound , a word to call your own.

that heralding angels
haven't already heard

mary angela douglas 5 march 2016