Saturday, March 05, 2016

Reforming Christmas They Will Shift The Snows

reforming Christmas they will shift the snows
where children yearn for them beyond the Glass
but cannot reach them anymore

and bring no Father Christmas but the cyber snowman at the end of

the make us forget who
we adore, who adored us too.
but we will forage for old presents

somehow, still in crisp wrappings

with all the trappings
the stockings stuffed with oranges and sweets.
the world is not often sweet

why should they want Christmas to behave
to colour within the lines so barely
red and green to the point of fading from view

and drive, and drive it on minus the reindeer, anything,
minus the cherry o caroling and far from the public squares.
listen to me! you will not do this.

the Star will staunchly us defend
and the skies grow purple silkscreened
once again falling fold on fold

and opulent

for the Wise Men
who still must labor
though you would not have it so

to find the uncrowned King
born for our recompense
and make sweet remedy

and o Jesu clear melody
comprised of starriness starriness
for His distress.

mary angela dougas 5 march 2016