Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lullaby, Sweet Lullaby, Hummed From Space...

oh craning our necks from the Space capsule
we saw the greening of Poetry all over the earth;
the pink orchards, melting into cream;

the stars over the purple birthdays.
and the seas washed silver to gold
and the children remembered in their sleep

ah, without being told
old stories unfurling on the scrolls
of rose scented kingdoms.

o then all the petals rained down
of all the flowers at the same time;
and mercury dimes for the

wishing wells, the fountains;
the furtive,the penny-splendid fudgesickle;
the ice cream pastels;

thin crusted chocolate on the
popsicle bars of the bell curved vanilla
and snapdragons, fugitive sales

on the garden party shirtwaists
in the afternoon
half price Walt Disney, at the cinemas.

and the trees in the national forests
wept joyfully their leaves
and the baby pine needles

the curdled blue winds
the milk in the cereal bowls
changing colours-

the children square dancing
alemande left

and are Happy

mary angela douglas 26 march 2016