Saturday, March 26, 2016

Picture Book Story Of Plush Bunny, Puppy and the Princess

a plush bunny plopped off of the comfy sofa
with the vintage rose pattern
and landed on the equally plush carpet

in the early morning hours
when the sky was turning lilac
and the princess rose in her sleep

missing the plush (oversensitive) bunny
coming into the living room
sensing it in moonlight there

and scared
its purple ear a little smushed
because let's get real

it wasn't a good landing
even if it was indoors
away from the cats

and so just at that
moment came the pitterpat of the new puppy
paws a little unsure on the hardwood

flooring in the hall a little small
for the job but unerring
picked up the plush bunny by

its violet ear, tugged on the rose print
robe of the princess 
and led them back up the stairs.

both at the same time
queried the over critical?
yep. it was a magic puppy.

that's what kind of day it was.

you forgot to say!

mary angela douglas 26 march 2016