Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The First Infant Cloud In Your Sky

the first infant cloud in your sky
did you call to it mama
are you my pearl

then it fell open and out spilled rainbows
storms, raindrops on the
little jade leaves

and leaves, you sighed. and the colour green.
and who has made this peace for you
child child soughed the branches

against the screens, and too near the roof tops
and then there were winds, the blue ones
you could hardly believe were apple scented.

and grandfather said you gals have
roses in your cheeks and we were so little
in the December weather we said where?

in perpetual Christmas whenever
we ran through the door
walk slowly, like ladies

grandmother said. and in your white gloves.
and oh I know you are not dead
I said to you both in dreams

and woke up weeping.

mary angela douglas 15 march 2016